Understanding Race, Culture and Antidiscrimination competency

Understanding the Race, Culture and Anti-Discrimination Comptentency Framework (RCA-CF).

A Practical Approach to Help You Position and Assess Your Self-Development


Psychotherapist, trainer, author and founder of The Anti-Discrimination Foundation (TADF) Mamood Ahmad has provided us with a great lecture which is open to all and will help us to understand the context, structure and principles behind the RCA-CF.

By the end of the lecture you will be able to:
1) explain the historical evolution of multi-cultural competence and the rationale for an anti-discrimination-oriented framework

2) understand the principles and domains of the RCA-CF

3) be familiar with best practice for self-development and communicate access options for training

You can access this lecture by going to:

Race, Culture and Anti-Discrimination Practice Competence Framework

2 thoughts on “Understanding Race, Culture and Antidiscrimination competency

  1. A fab presentation Mamood… So much work must go into these materials you produce, thank you! Frances x Sent from my Huawei phone


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