Trainer Certification

#TADF have a number of institutional members who are developing their trainers, and integrating Race, culture and antidiscrimination into their curriculum. We’re looking for existing counselling, psychotherapy professionals who are passionate about race and diversity who can wish to deliver our training into their trainings courses.

Race & culture training shall be provided to those who have been our TADF Certified Therapist programme or equivalent.

Trainers are accredited by TADF as individuals even if they work for institutes.

Training the trainer courses shall be provided by TADF to named individuals who shall be subject to accreditation and yearly assessment of work to ensure standards of competence.

Training in Race & Culture is a highly skilled role which requires sensitive processing of individual and group feelings in race dialogue, exercises and group encounters.

TADF will provide train the trainer courses and training materials for use as part of training and accreditation process. Individuals and their institutes who use this standard agree to collaborate in continuous improvement and advocate for the TADF. Accredited training must use the label TADF and be subject to continuous yearly process of positive assessment.

If you are interested in training please make contact.