All our training can now be accessed via our eLearning portal here: learn.tadf.uk

The Antidiscrimination Focus (#TADF) is for anyone who wants to take active steps towards incorporating an Antidiscrimination / Anti-Oppression ethos in practice. Our immediate aim is to support the counselling, psychotherapy and psychological profession to embed an Anti-Oppressive ethos into its structures, systems, environment, curriculum and training. We positively and proactively support individuals, training providers and institutions who wish to work towards change.

We have an active community of affiliated individuals, training providers and trainers who are now using our services and community resources to integrate standards based competencies and resources into their core training, curriculum and institutional structures. 

We are an organisational member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS). 

The following trainings and services are now available to institutes and individuals :

  • Introduction to Race, Culture & Antidiscrimination (Day trainings for institutes / platform providers only )
  • Our flagship Certificate in race, culture and anti-discrimination practice core competence training for Race, culture and antidiscrimination (32 hours) for Individuals and training providers
  • Race, Culture and Anti-discrimination 2.0 aware and assessed pathway for psychological practitioners
  • Training provider and institutional training services including curriculum planning, community support, training and #TADF training course accreditation
  • A therapist directory to help clients find therapists who are race and culture aware

If you are interested in these trainings or services or just want to chat about what were doing feel free to get in contact/call us so we can discuss your needs and walk you through our services, plans and ethos. A summary of services are shown below.

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