Race & Culture 2.0 Core Competence Pathway

On completion of core competence training you can follow up your development by becoming a TADF Race and Culture Aware & Assessed Therapist. This pathway consists of a short group encounter and an assessment. If you only wish to complete the Group encounter you will be registered as a Race and Culture Aware therapist and listed on our directory (Subject to tutor observed evaluation). Please email for next Group encounter dates.

Group Encounter (Five weekly 2.5-hour sessions, plus 1 session contingency)

“I’m not going to trust you. Not until you can let me transform you” ~ m.a.

Group work is a crucial part of therapists’ racial and cultural identity self-development. This is a personal experiential encounter for you to meet the racial self/other and engage in personal dialogue. There is nothing required of you other than bring your “self” personally in sharing and responding to opinions, experiences and feelings about race and how it intersects with other identities such as gender. Everyone will learn through experience and relationships rather than through study. In my experience these encounters are powerful, healing and have potential for enormous shifts in racial awareness.

*Please note we take safety very seriously through the training. Safety strategies will be outlined and discussed prior to the encounter taking place. Access to supervisor and/or therapist is mandatory. If you are a trainee this will be provided to you by the tutors.

Assessment. After the Group encounter you can take the assessment to become certified in Race, Culture and Antidiscrimination practice. below (optional)

Are you ready to receive feedback on your level of RACE, Culture & Antidiscrimination awareness? and gain additional confidence in your work? We are the first organization to offer formal assessment on RACE & Culture competence which will aim to pinpoint your strengths and areas of development against our research based competency model (54points). You should see it as an opportunity to learn rather than a test. We do this in a supportive, open and nurturing manner.

Read through the guidance document on our learning portal here: Assessment (Just click on “Free preview” to access the process document) and then when ready “Buy” the assessment.

Once you pass the competency you will be added to our directory as “Race & Culture Aware: assessed” practitioner. The fee for the assessment is £95 which includes a retake if necessary. We want to make this assessment affordable to all so please get in touch if needed.