Race: Assessment

Are you ready to receive feedback on your level of RACE, Antidiscrimination & Culture awareness? and gain additional confidence in your work? We are the first organization to offer formal assessment on RACE competence which will aim to pinpoint your strengths and areas of development against our research based competency model (54points). You should see it as an opportunity to learn rather than a test. We do this in a supportive, open and nurturing manner.

What we are looking for is a level of assurance that practitioners can actively create an environment where clients can feel they can talk about race(heritage), racism, faith, their racial identity and culture, and be understood, and helped by the therapist, free from negative experience and harm.

Read through the guidance document below and if your ready let us know.

Once you pass the competency you will be added to our directory as “Race aware: assessed” practitioner. The fee for the assessment is £85 which includes a retake if necessary. We want to make this assessment affordable to all so please get in touch if needed.

28/9/21: New updated version coming soon including paths for existing specialists. Contact for information.