Do you want to be able to achieve your goals, and recover, heal and grow in therapy? 

Pleased to reveal my first of kind book, success in therapy is now out there. A comprehensive  but practical guide for clients to get through therapy successfully, and for therapists to reflect on the struggle clients have in using therapy effectively, efficiently and safely. I put the instrument of therapy (client, process, therapy, and relationship), under the lens of learning theory in coaching clients how they can effect their own change.

Here is the blurb.

 Success in Therapy is an in-depth and accessible guide to navigating your therapeutic process in order to be successful within it. By combining how therapeutic change works with what clients do to be successful, this book decodes the most important rules that you can practically apply to effect your change within therapy.

By learning and judging when to apply these rules, you can be confident that you’re using therapy effectively, efficiently and safely. These rules can be applied irrespective of type of therapy, your problem, life experiences, symptoms, or even the therapist. If you learn and earnestly apply these rules, you are very likely to be successful.

This book is for both clients and therapists. For clients, this book can be used as a general learning resource to help you get the most from your experience, or as a reference to access when you need help, such as when you’re feeling confused, unsafe, overwhelmed or stuck. For therapists, trainee therapists and tutors, this book illuminates the heart of the client struggle to achieve their goals through the instrument of therapy. It can be used as a source of reflection both in the classroom and in practice.

For clients:

  • Use therapy effectively, efficiently and safely
  • Identify areas you can explore therapeutically
  • Overcome obstacles and strengthen your process
  • Feel confident in your decisions and the path you’re on
  • Understand therapy and the process
  • Find the right therapist and approach