BACP Personal Development Day

Very pleased to say that we have event day planned with BACP on the 21st of Sept.

BACP Event Link

The purpose of these sessions is to widen your knowledge and awareness of RACE and culture as a universal aspect of self and all clients while acknowledging the centrality of concern for working effectively with clients of diverse heritage such as people of African, Afro-Caribbean, South Asian and East Asian descent as well as Multiracial clients.

The first session will introduce core concepts, challenges, and help you situate your own collective and intersectional position. The second session will help you begin reflecting on your own racial-cultural context, racial-cultural identity and attitudes towards the social construct of race. The third session then will then ask why core competence is essential and what it takes to be core competent while acknowledging the continuous process of learning. The core competence framework developed under the anti-discrimination foundation (#TADF) collaboration will be introduced to help situate your learning (See

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