What Has Whiteness Got to Do with It?

Next RACE Group Training now open: Booking.  Frances Basset Frances Basset is a transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor with a private practice on the south coast of England. She is a survivor of trauma. Currently she is undertaking a doctorate and researching white privilege and white fragility in relation to psychotherapy. frances@bassetconsultancy.co.uk 07876 265957 DOWNLOAD: whats-white-got-to-do-with-it-fances-jcpcp-article-2021Download ABSTRACT: … Continue reading What Has Whiteness Got to Do with It?

Race assessment/feedback service

Do you want to assess your core competence for RACE, culture & antidiscrimination? Available to individuals and institutes. Currently for therapists but a version will also be made available for anyone wishing to understand their level of awareness based on our researched based competency model. No need for unconscious bias testing. This service is now … Continue reading Race assessment/feedback service

Race aware directory

Pleased to say we've started collecting contact details of therapists and helping professionals who have been through our race, culture and antiracism competence training. Please point clients & institutes to this directory who are looking for someone (regardless of heritage) who has awareness of working with RACE & culture and antiracism advocacy. Race Aware Directory … Continue reading Race aware directory