Race, Culture, & AntiDiscrimination Training 2.0

Race and Culture Core Competence: A Call to the Profession

A 30 Hour.. PROVEN… Standards based Core Competency training for Psychological Practitioners

Now available here: Learn.tadf.uk

Dear colleagues and friends,

Last year we were thrilled by the turnout to our core competence training on Race, Culture, and Anti-Discrimination Practice. Since that time, we have listened, learnt, and refined the training to produce a compact 30-hour Live and OnDemand foundational course we can be proud of. This course has been designed for individual psychological practitioners – such as psychologists, IAPT therapists, counsellors, and psychotherapists – and is available to training institutes who wish to integrate it within their core training (please enquire for options).

 The TADF Race and Culture training model is inclusive of all clients. We acknowledge aspects such as social-cultural factors, collective healing, racial-cultural discrimination, cross-cultural/racial relationships, group trauma, racial-cultural identity, migration, acculturation, cultural conflicts, and meaning, whether spiritual or not. These are psychologically relevant to ALL, including White identities.

 By committing and challenging yourself to do this work, you will be contributing to providing equality in psychological service* and closing the disparities in mental health outcomes for People of the Global Majority** (PGM), Multi-Racial, and White Other ethnicities and migrants*. 

 We work to create an anti-blame/shame learning environment. Our ethos is relational, process-driven, and reflective. We will endeavour to provide affordability options for all. 

 If you have any questions, please contact admin@tadf.co.uk. We look forward to welcoming you to our training and community soon.


Mamood (UKCP Psych.) & Sam (MBACP)
* Such as Mercer (2018), NHS Race & Health Observatory…
**PGM Such as people of African, African-Caribbean, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern & Latin descent

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