Affiliate Program

TADF.UK is a solution for closing the gap in equality of service within the mental health profession for People of the Global Majority, White Other, migrants and marginalised ethnicities. Do you think you can help push this program to help? If so why not become a #TADF Affiliate* and spread this idea and earn generous fees from spreading the message.

Becoming an affiliate is simple. We provide a unique web link for you to use which tracks your orders. It costs you nothing. Simple.

We provide you with unique links, banners and ready-to-use promotional content that you can post on your website, blog, newsletter or social network. Then, when a visitor, colleague or a friend you’ve referred makes a purchase, you earn a commission and they get a discount off the price at time of purchase.

Interested? Please get in touch.

* Affiliates are typically in helping professionals e.g. therapists, educators, social workers and psychologists.

Please use the logo below and a short description of the training from TADF.UK.