Foundation in EDI & Anti-Oppressive Practice (All Staff)


Organisations recognise the need for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in accessing a wider pool of knowledge and talent, and in creating an environment which attracts and retains staff. 

In addition, a number of Counselling and Psychotherapy institutes are looking to incorporate an Anti-Oppressive ethos which focuses on actions we need to take not only individually, but also within policies, standards and process i.e. systemically to close the gaps which may lead to poor service to any individual, staff member or group. This ethos recognises the need for improvement in access, quality and experiences for people of Diverse group identities.

This training provides a foundational knowledge to springboard awareness and skills to support your EDI Strategy, whether its your own awareness and relationships, in service design, standards of service or in provision.

Course description

The aim of this foundation training is to enable organisational staff, service owners and leadership within the counselling and psychotherapy profession to develop critical awareness and personal skills so they can engage more confidently with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) related activities. In particular diverse interpersonal relationships, improved service provision and organisation change.

“Awareness, knowledge plus passion are foundations for engaging an EDI process”

We will walkthrough case studies, scenarios and examples to reflect on where things could go wrong within relationships, service provision ( such as complaints, media or customer contact) and systemically in order to help you situate self and organisational improvement.

The training will be confidential so you can bring your own examples if you wish. You may send your questions, and scenarios in prior to session for discussion.

Learning outcomes

  1. Gain a deeper deeper understand of the importance of EDI, Diversity, Anti-Discrimination Practice in business success
  2. Develop interpersonal skills (avoiding microaggressions) when engaging with Diverse identity groups and in conflicts.
  3. Develop critical awareness of how services, processes and standards could be improved particular for Diverse groups.
  4. To be able to analyse your own work practices and sphere of influence in making service improvements.

Training overview

  1. Overview of EDI, Diversity, Intersectionality and Antidiscrimination practice. Why do this?
  2. Forms of discrimination and oppression, -isms. Moving beyond the equality act to fair practices, human impact and lived experiences.
  3. Positioning your self and your practice when engaging consumers / clients, staff and public.
  4. Relational meaning within dialogue, conflicts and remediation. Common errors.
  5. Understanding access, negative experience and outcome issues in service provision.
  6. Inadvertent ways organisations discriminate. An example simulation for reflection.
  7. Critically analysis own processes and procedures in your sphere of influence.
  8. Using your knowledge to help others through effective Allyship, education and relationship building.
  9. Developing your personal, practice or organisational call to action plan.
  10. Resources for self care, support and further development.


The training typically consists of 2 hours of self-directed learning through our online training portal and 2 hour workshops over three weeks. Our workshops are designed to engage and aid deeper reflection of the topics often missed in Diversity training. We operate in a relational anti-blame/shame manner.

The hours can be adjusted based on organisational needs. Please contact to discuss your needs.