Diversity training within counselling and psychotherapy (C&P) profession is inadequate in comparison to standard C&P competencies, especially in the realms of ethics, diverse group views, practice, relationship dynamics, skills and knowledge. This creates a “by default” discriminatory experience for those diverse client groups.

In order to influence this position, I am looking to collaborate with other therapists to develop revised competencies and curriculum for C&P core and specialized diversity trainings independently of membership bodies.

I am looking to gather a number of therapists to collaborate on this project who may specialize and/or deliver quality trainings or have lived in experiences of discrimination in the following areas (race, culture, ethnocentrism covered).

  • Intersectionality
  • Gender, relationship and sexual diversity
  • Neurodiversity
  • Socio-economic status and work stigma
  • Disability and ability
  • Age – Older people and young people

Also welcome anyone who wishes to get involved who has campaign and social media influencing work as we will need to reach #therapists, #therapyclients as well as the professional organisations.

Interested? please DM or email: ma@paththerapy.co.uk to answer 1/ Your area of specialism? 2/ Why you want to get involved and experience 3/ what you feel is lacking in current diversity training.