Therapy Support

Are you in therapy or are about to embark on a therapeutic journey? Do you need help? Are you feeling stuck, emotionally overwhelmed or confused by the healing and growth process of therapy? Do you want to know what direction your healing process should take? Do you need help in figuring out what you need to do to make the process as effective, efficient and safe as possible? Then these services could be for you.

To support your therapeutic process I offer the following:

  • A secure “Ask the therapist” messaging service
  • Online secure coaching (instant messaging, audio or via web conference)
  • YouTube channel “ClientsConnect” for each of the rules
  • Consumer events (online/offline)

Email: if your interested in booking a therapy coaching session.


This is NOT online counselling and not a replacement for proper medical or psychological assessment or diagnosis. This resource and answers are not about telling you what to do, nor is it a mental health support resource unless it is related to therapy in some way. Nothing posted on this site must be be considered as advice. The guidance provided is just that, it is not a direct telling of what you should do and it is not intended to interfere with your therapeutic process but broaden and deepen it, we strongly recommend you discuss any suggestions provided with your therapist.