Need some inspiration? Here are some sayings I have come up to help deepen your therapeutic experience. If they dont make sense immediately, pause for a while and reflect on them some more or move on to the next. Does anything resonate for you and you want to explore more in therapy? Do get in touch if you have any that helped you or want to learn a bit more about what is behind them.

No on likes to put their hands too near the fire

Follow the illogical to find the logical

Therapy is truth, your truth

The biggest struggle is the struggle within

To learn to swim swim; to learn about yourself experience therapy

Dipping toes in water is rarely enough

If thinking is easy then feel; If feeling is easy then think

Deeper the change, deeper the struggle

Be prepared for the loss of the false you that never was you

Find you and then you find where to begin

Just bring yourself to the room

You may want to change but also you dont want to

Find the child and so find you

Nothing changes but you

I am me and only me, you are you and only you

Centre Stage, not left, right, above or below

You say your feelings are wrong, look for why they are right

Leave your diy tools outside the room

The therapist is the tool

You heal you, you do it

Try three times then give up hope ; the only hope left is inside you

Your own understanding is better than being told what to understand

The best way of understanding yourself more is to understand yourself, yourself

What is the most difficult thing in the world to overcome? Answer: Self deceit. Why? 200,000 years of biology & conditioning

I do nothing yet all is done (credit: Tao maxim)