Introduction to Race, Culture & Antidiscrimination

This training is only available through training providers and institutes. Organization inquiries here.

The purpose of this course is for therapists to begin reflecting on challenges and barriers in building diverse racio-cultural relationships, and to recognise racio-cultural identity and heritage (self and client) as an important part of all therapeutic work. Anti-Discriminatory practice is explored as an overarching theme.

The first part of the training will orient you to the core tenets and journey of becoming an anti-discriminatory and culture-aware therapist, and ask both individually and collectively: what will you need to do to “see” clients who are racially and/or culturally diverse to you in your therapeutic practice? We will explore the contextual themes which shape racio-cultural “otherness” such as power relations, systemic discrimination, injustice (social and political), and lived-in experiences for client groups whose house is structured differently to your own with its own epistemological frame of reference.

In the second part we will focus on your individual and group(s) racial and cultural identity, and their relationship with it. What ancestral events, trauma, and culture shaped your personal identity? And on the other side what is the meaning of your groups race and culture? How do you see yourself and how do others see you? And do you continue to have identity and belonging conflicts because of it?

We will put these foundations together with their implications for practice: Working with clients racial-cultural identity, less race aware clients, uncovering race relational processes, intersections of racism/-isms, and moving towards a more race & culture inclusive model of therapy.

• Safety in training vs Safety in therapy
• Feelings and expectations around the subject of Race
• Exploring and discussing key concepts and their relationship to therapy:
• Race, culture, spirituality, citizenship, language and ethnicity
• Racial and cultural identities
• Taxonomy of Racio-cultural discriminatory experiences
• Intersectionality
• White privilege
• Racism, systemic racism, historicity, and power
• What would be your challenges (skills, competence, attitudes) in building the relationship? Different/Same
• Exploring and discussing relational barriers in therapy
• What does research say?
• Use of racio-cultural language
• Diverse worldviews
• Systemic forces in the room
• Positive stereotyping & idealisation
• Personal challenges
• Non-Discrimination vs Anti-Discrimination vs Anti-discriminatory practice
• Explore your individual and group(s) racial and cultural identity
• Why your racio-cultural identity matters in the relationship?
• Describe your cultural identity and its attributes
• Awareness of cultural difference
• Cultures of the world (Contrasting White European vs Eastern)
• Taxonomy of culture
• Variations within culture
• Your cultural identity and difference to norm
• Personal challenges within your culture
• Your racio-cultural identity and discrimination
• What challenges you face?
• Why racio-cultural identity work (self and client)?
• Questions and Answers (Open Learning Space)
• After training residuals – To process final feelings / explore further development