Racial-Cultural Identity Coaching

If you have been to one of our training courses you will know the importance of race awareness and self development in working effectively with Race and culture.

During this process and in taking an active stance in the world conflicts can emerge, such as an identity crisis, shame, guilt, anger, which may cause distress, ignite dormant feelings or retraumatise. Self-care and help becomes vital.

These coaching sessions are there to help you work on aspects of your racial-cultural identity and feeling towards self, your collective group and other groups; living while black, brown, white, white other, multiracial, person of colour, ethnicity or any other self identifying labels?

We offer 50 minute coaching sessions which will help you focus on areas of exploration and discovery in an active but non-directive way. We will combine this with reflective questions, education and background theory as appropriate, and in ways in which you could explore your own racial-cultural identity. We merge this with therapeutic values in working with deeper feelings that exist or emerge in the process. Coaching is non-directive in the sense we don’t tell you how you should think about your own subjective racial-cultural identity, but will look to help you explore a multitude of aspects of your racial self and the meaning of feelings. Other than that the frame of work will be similar to that many therapists are used to in their work.

Per session £60.

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