What your therapist may disclose

Before you meet the therapist be mindful that although therapy is confidential there are limits to what the therapist can hold without talking to someone else. In most cases the therapist will tell you if they are thinking of or will need to disclose material. Examples of disclosure may be to doctor or another support service, social services or even the police.

Therapist tend to use a catch all statement “I have to disclose if I feel you or another person maybe at serious risk of harm” which can specifically include though is not limited to:

  • Harm to a child or vulnerable adult through abuse including neglect, sexual, financial or physical abuse. This is not limited to children in your family but can be any child that you discuss.
  • Serious Criminality including Terrorism and Money laundering
  • There is a risk that if the therapist is asked to take the stand as a witness they will be subpoenaed and cannot hold matters in confidence. Therefore there are limits and contrary to popular myth therapists are compelled just like anyone else to testify in court if mandated.

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