Why does therapy work?

What makes therapy work can be very confusing given the remark oft made by clients “how can this possibly work, it’s just talking!”

First remember that therapy is an experience, a social and relational one. We are already built to heal and the healing that is experienced with a good enough therapist is one of the best ways to heal yourself. Just like physically the body heals itself so in therapy, the meeting of minds through the good relationship closes the loop that switches on your innate healing processes of the mind. The building of the circuit enables you to delve into your experiences of being in the world in a way that is felt rather than just thought of as being your truth.

So that leads into the second aspect of why therapy works, your mind and body experience of your reality may encompass a bodily reaction, a felt emotion, an anger, a sadness that may be experienced sometimes as a cry of pain can be a differential between therapy and non-therapy. This can be seen as analogous to being part of a process to remove a virus from the body.

Thirdly, by uncovering the self, being in a space specifically designed for awareness creation is where you can tune into what you do know, what you don’t; you can now experience yourself and understand yourself so much more just like a zoologist may understand the feelings, habits and behaviors of gorillas in their natural habitat by spending time observing, understanding and maybe even connecting with them.

The fourth obvious fact, is that the mind is capable of change because our neuroscientific knowledge of neuroplasticity, we know that it is indeed possible for you to change your mind. If you’re interested further, I explore these ideas further in my first book “Getting the best start in therapy”.

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