Client concerns when beginning therapy

For the last three years I have been collecting statistics to get a feel for what is it about the therapeutic process they are concerned with most. In highest to lowest order they are:

    • Is therapy going to work for me? Is it really an option? How do I navigate the minefield of therapy approaches, options and therapists available?
    • Am I going to be judged? You may feel overwhelming anxiety and embarrassment with the prospect of seeing a therapist, performing well, sharing the problem and what has happened.
    • What if I find something I don’t like? You may feel you will be found defective or wrong in some way. You may also be worried about the prospect of change, what it may uncover or mean to you going forward.
    • How will I know I am working with a good therapist? Who is competent, will be able to help and keep me safe?
    • What do I do? What can I do to make the best of therapy? What is my role?
    • How can this possibly work? You may be confused about how or why therapy would work as it appears to be “just talking”.
    • Am I or someone close to me going to get in trouble? Can I disclose to the therapist without it being shared to 3rd parties e.g. social services.
    • I am concerned about something else. Other concerns come up that are non-typical but may be relevant to you. For example, use of records or utilising therapy prior to a legal trial.

Do you have any particular concerns when you began therapy not covered here? I’ll address these concerns in my blog over the coming weeks. If it is of interest why not subscribe to my blog.


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